Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar 12-Pack

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Women develop heart disease differently than men. Enjoy heart healthy ingredients with Omega-3s.  That’s LOVE!




Organic & plant-based ingredients

Delicious decadent, dark chocolate with oh-so-yummy heart healthy ingredients. 

Eat Like a Woman® Chocolate Brownie 12-pack 

Cacao, the plant from which chocolate is made, is rich in flavanols and also acts as an antioxidant, both considered heart healthy properties.

The super powers of cocoa contains hundreds of compounds that also boost endorphins and serotonin, two of the best-known chemicals that are responsible for making us feel happy!

Almonds are a great heart-healthy snack and can satisfy your hunger.

Flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and phytoestogens to boost heart health. 

Spinach packs a heart-healthy punch.

Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids. They are also a great protein source.

Dates are one of the very best sweet and versatile foods that can regulate the digestive process and boost energy levels in people within half an hour of consuming it.

These healthy nutrition bars are packed with plant protein, and full of fiber from organic dates, flaxseed and chia seeds.

This bar is the perfect with a cup of java in the morning or for a mid-afternoon.  Or indulge for a tasty treat after dinner.

Be WELL, and eat like a woman!

Made for women, but men love them too!

See Nutritional Face Panel for Complete Nutritional Information in photos under the product image.

FDA compliant nutrition bars.

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It is always best to be home or have someone available to receive your bar package after the summer weather transit, so you can place them in the refrigerator and enjoy the next day.