About Eat Like a Woman® Founder/CEO

Staness Jonekos launched the Eat Like a Woman® 3-Step 3-Week program after she discovered most of the science in women's health was being conducted on men until recently.  Staness created the Eat Like a Woman® product line by incorporating the latest research in women's health.

She is an award-winning television writer, producer, and director, as well as an author and writer on women’s health issues. Those who know her, know she always has her nose in a medical journal or head tucked behind a computer screen searching out the latest and greatest in women's health.  

She was one of the original executive producers who launched the television network Oxygen Media, co-founded by Oprah Winfrey. Following her commitment to health, Staness co-executive produced the premiere season of VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club, and post produced Lifetime’s Speaking of Women’s Health. 

Her first book, The Menopause Makeover, was a pioneering work in the field of menopause, a highly visual and inspiring survival guide that challenged the conventional, old-style approach to managing menopause.

In addition to her extensive work experience behind-the-camera, Staness is a tireless advocate for women’s health, wellness and empowerment. She has appeared on The Today Show, contributes to The Huffington Post, and has been featured in a variety of publications ranging from The Houston Chronicle to More.com.

After college, Staness appeared on The Love Boat, Falcon’s Crest, and The Young & Restless, as well as  Shop Television Network.

Staness holds a Bachelor’s degree in theater from UCLA and is an active member of the Producers Guild of America, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the International Documentary Association, The North American Menopause Society, Academy of Women’s Health, and the International Menopause Society.

Staness lives in Los Angeles with her husband, and is busy creating new products so women can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.