We're taking on inequality in women's health and nutrition!

JOIN US! Fight back by Eating Like a Woman!  

Customized nutrition inspired by the latest gender-based research celebrating differences matter when it comes to your health.

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I was traveling all over the country on a book tour for Eat Like a Woman, and the topic kept turning to INEQUALITY in HEALTH. Women everywhere were asking, “What about us, and our needs?”  I decided to create healthy, clean nutrition for women. Young women. Middle-aged women.  Older women.  Nutrition designed for each life stage of your life.

Founder & CEO, Staness Jonekos, is fighting for equality in women's health.

This is more than a business to me, it's a MISSION!  

It's our time to control OUR HEALTH!

Women have fought for voting rights, equal pay, against harassment and for educational opportunities. 

Science is Our Secret Weapon & Your Secret Weapon

Eat Like a Woman® products are designed with foods that are organic, plant-based, and gluten-free. All based on cutting edge, gender specific nutritional science. U.S. nutritional guidelines have always been geared toward men. Yet, we process nutrients very differently than men do.  

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Susan R.

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Jenn G.

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U.S. nutritional guidelines have always been geared toward men. Yet, we process nutrients very differently than men do.  

Women absorb nutrients and medications more slowly than men - you need nutrients designed for YOUR optimal well-being

Women develop heart disease differently - our ingredients support women’s heart health

Women need correct food ratios designed for women’s metabolism and make-up

Women burn fat at a different rate than men -- you need food created for your metabolism

Women have different hormonal requirements -- you need nutrition to support you through every stage of your life

Women don’t synthesize tryptophan as effectively as men do -- in fact, we absorb 62% LESS! (this matters-- it’s the precursor to serotonin -- your feel good hormone)

All Nutrition is NOT Created Equal! Women Have Very Specific Needs that have Been Ignored... Until now.