Weight Loss Tips

For most women, weight loss is a life long journey.  Whether you are trying to drop 5 pounds or 50 pounds, weight loss is  a frustrating process with the majority of us gaining it back within 2 years.

The National Weight Control Registry’s study of 10,000 people who’ve kept pounds off found a few things in common:

  • They eat breakfast daily.
  • They weigh themselves once a week.
  • They watch less than 10 hours of TV a week.
  • They exercise about an hour a day (with walking the most popular method).

Increasingly, researchers and doctors are finding that the real key to weight loss isn’t low-carb or low-fat; it’s taking a much more personalized approach.

The EAT LIKE A WOMAN program encourages that you eat breakfast within one hour of waking to wake up your metabolism, and start the day with controlled blood sugar so you manage cravings.

A few more tips:

  • Plan out your daily menu, it contributes to staying on a plan to avoid those HANGRY moments.
  • Keep a food/activity journal, so you can see the big picture.  Are you eating too much of a good thing? Or too little?  It helps to  be accountable for your actions.
  • Have a buddy for exercise dates.  It is so easy to blow-off exercising when you are busy.  If you keep a date with a friend it increases the odds of working out.



By Staness Jonekos

Author, Eat Like a Woman