Vegan Protein Supplementation

Vegan Protein SupplementationThe only “complete” plant-based protein in nature is soy, but there are other options available.   “Complete” proteins contain all the essential amino acids which are important to replenish after exercise to maintain muscle.

If you prefer not to eat soy, you can also get plant protein powders made from pea, rice and hemp.  If you combine pea and rice protein powders you get all of the essential amino acids.

When I started enjoying vegan protein powders I had a hard time finding a plant-based product that did not taste like dirt and was not gritty, so I decided to create the BEST tasting, smooth vegan protein powder for our LIFE STAGE SHAKES.

After going on a quest to find the perfect texture and flavor I discovered a ‘patented’ plant protein (pea & rice) that was silky smooth and did not taste like dirt.

It is organic, NON-GMO, chemical-free, hexane-free and allergen-free.

Our LIFE STAGE SHAKE protein powder has a COMPLETE amino acid profile, is low in cholesterol and sodium, and easily digestible.

I enjoy a VEGAN LIFE STAGE SHAKE every morning.  It is a great way to start the day and I feel full until lunch!