Summer Ice Tea

Summer Ice Tea

This refreshing, easy-to-make summer ice tea recipe is perfect during warm weather, but you can also enjoy it as a cozy warm tea during the cooler months.

4 Servings


4 cups of water

2 tea bags (or 2 teaspoons of loose tea) green or black

1 apple sliced

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, or one cinnamon stick

Garnish with mint leaves


Boil water

Steep tea and cinnamon stick together for 5 minutes


Place apples and mint into hot water

Pour into glasses filled to the top with ice, you may need to add more ice before serving


Interesting info about cinnamon: 

  • Fights fat storage
  • High source of antioxidants
  • Contains anti-inflammatories
  • Can be used as a natural food preservative
  • Can be used to sweeten recipes without added sugar
  • Protects dental health and leaves breath fresh naturally
  • Can help fight infections & viruses


By Staness Jonekos

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