Sugar Alcohols: good or bad?

Eat Like a Woman (ELAW)  bars use REAL-FOOD INGREDIENTS.  
REAL FOOD has healthy carbs.  
ELAW bars have high plant-based proteins and plant-based fibers which balance carbs and curb appetite.
Bars that claim low carbs use 'sugar alcohols’. Many diet "plans" focus on counting carbs, but real food is not about numbers it is about balance. NOTE: diabetics have different needs that should always be discussed with their health care provider.
There is the misconception that all sugar alcohol containing products are “free foods,” but weight gain has been seen when these products are overeaten!!
There is very little scientific evidence that sugar alcohols are good for you, and they are highly refined.
See attached diagram on how nutrition labels formulate carb count using sugar alcohols.
Sugar alcohols are partially resistant to digestion — some sugar alcohols, such as maltitol, actually cause a slight rise in blood sugar levels. High amounts of some sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, may cause bloating and diarrhea.
For those who suffer from any sort of gut disorder or autoimmune disease, sugar alcohols and processed foods containing them should most especially be avoided.

Sugar alcohols have the potential to disrupt the functioning of the lining of the gut. Ironically, this is the very tissue that is already compromised for those suffering from diabetes and other autoimmune disorders.

The body’s inability to effectively break down sugar alcohols causes them to arrive for the most part intact when they reach the intestines. 

At that point, a process called “passive diffusion” takes place whereby the sugar alcohol that was consumed draws water into the bowels. This results in only partial breakdown. The unmetabolized portion begins to rot, creating the perfect environment for undesirable bacteria and pathogens to feed, thrive, and grow.

Many today fall for the lure of sugar alcohols. While it may seem like a good idea in the short term to wean yourself off sugar, the long term risks to gut health and the potential for autoimmune disease by unbalancing the gut environment and damage to the gut wall aren’t worth it.
Making a PLANT-BASED bar without healthy real-food carbs is impossible.
Focus on eating REAL foods, not “cheating” the digestive system with fake food, like sugar alcohols.
ELAW bars:
11-12 g plant based protein
5-9 g fiber
17-19 g healthy carbs 
170-180 calories
Example of a product label that uses sugar alcohols but really has 29 grams of carbs:
Always discuss your nutritional choices with your health care practitioner.