How much water should you consume?

Two thirds of our body weight is water.  Blood is 83 percent water, muscles 75 percent, bone 22 percent and the brain 74 percent… water is obviously good for you. Without water you would dehydrate, and your vital organs would shut down.  Water is a necessity for life.  Water is the most important molecule, second to oxygen, to live.

Benefits of drinking water:

·     Keeps skin healthy and radiant.

·     Helps regulate body temperature.

·     Transports nutrients to your organs.

·     Removes waste.

·     Maintains overall health.

How much water do you need to consume?

There is no one water consumption formula that works for everyone.  The Institute of Medicine advises that women consume 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages per day.

Your Personal Water Needs Depend On Many Factors:

  • For every 20 minutes of exercise you do each day, drink 8 ounces of water.
  • Hot or humid weather can increase sweating, increasing your fluid retention.
  • If you are ill, suffering from a fever, vomiting or diarrhea causing a loss of fluids, drink more water.
  • If you drink alcohol, add an equal amount of water.  For example, 6 ounces of wine should be matched with 6 ounces of water consumption.
  • Bottom line: hydrate based on your needs.

On average, 80% of your body’s water comes from drinking water and beverage sources, and 20% of water comes from food sources.  Many women consume coffee, tea,and sodas, thinking it is a source for water.

Although it is made mostly with water, nothing can replace the enormous benefits of pure water.

Limit yourself to no more than two three-ounce cups of caffeine (coffee,tea, soda) per day.

If you are on blood pressure medication such as diuretics, or have a history of heart problems or swelling in your legs, you may need to adjust your fluid intake, so discuss this with your health care provider!