Happiness Exercise

Happiness and exercise may seem like an odd combination of words. Shouldn’t we just be happy or not be happy?

With all the speed bumps in life,I discovered happiness was going to be an exercise. I had to practice being happy.

According to NationMaster.com, Americans ranked number 13 on the national scale of happiness, and Canada ranked number 17. Iceland, Sweden and Denmark ranked the top three happiest nations. Hmm, what does that say about women in the United States and Canada? Perhaps, we are too busy taking care of our home, family, finances and career. Maybe the new world of instant communication moves too fast? With emails, the inter-net, and cell phones is there any down time?

For the many, happiness is the ultimate goal.

How do you find happiness?

1. Slow down and think about it!
2. Ask yourself what makes me happy, and make a list.
3. Look at your list and ask yourself why are these things missing from my life?
4. Make a commitment to work on the things you can change that have blocked your happiness.
5. Every week take one “happiness item” from your list and set a goal to make it happen.

Before you know it, you the things that make you happy will be happening!
Just like exercise, you must incorporate it into your life daily! You must exercise your happiness muscle!

Finding happiness requires a commitment to change. It isn’t always easy incorporating change into your life, but with practice it will get easier – just like exercise.

Exercise happiness daily!

By Staness Jonekos