Green Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie is loaded with everything healthy for you! Kiwi fruit helps our metabolism and boosts your immunity.  And the vitamins found in kiwi can fight against the signs of aging and can even help improve cardiovascular health.

In a blender add:

1 cup of your favorite beverage base (almond milk, coconut milk, low fat dairy milk)

1 Scoop Life Stage Shake plant-based protein powder

1 small banana (out of peel)

1 kiwi (peeled)

1/2 avocado (peeled)

A handful of ice

Blend and ENJOY!

Select the correct Life Stage Shake for YOU:  Reproductive Years, Pregnancy/lactation or Menopause & Beyond. Get your daily nutrients, a powerful probiotic and 22 grams of protein!


By Staness Jonekos