Eat Like a Woman Affiliate Program

Count me in!!

We are currently searching for passionate brand ambassadors/affiliates in the USA to share our mission of bringing awareness that differences matter when it comes to nutrition, and the benefits of plant-based snacks to help women achieve optimal health.  All of our products are made with real, whole food ingredients and gluten-free, no soy, no dairy, no eggs no cholesterol....only healthy goodness.

Our affiliates receive 10% of all Eat Like a Woman products they sell!

Every Eat Like a Woman (ELAW) ambassador will receive special perks ( your own 20% discount for all of your personal products) for being part of our community and are committed to a healthy lifestyle while promoting our yummy, plant-based snacks with your followers on social media.

This opportunity is open to all women ages 18-108 who want to make a difference in women's health.

We will send you a PERSONALIZED discount code for YOUR community to use during check out, and automatically receive your 10% commission at the end of every month!!

It's an easy mission!

 1. BE THE FIRST to share amazing new science that included females... for example, we absorb tryptophan 52% less effectively than males which contributes to women being 2 to 3 times more prone to mood related disorders.  WOW - what does that mean?  

You get to tell your followers about new ways to embrace these exciting differences in their lifestyle.  Become an expert in women's customized health by knowing about the latest research.

2.  Encourage your audience to celebrate these difference with healthy living and how Eat Like a Woman snacks are here to help the on-the-go woman stay healthy and strong!  

All of our snacks can be bundled to create a monthly delivery of customized nutrition!

Email us at and let us know that YOU want to be an affiliate and ambassador.

You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident (we only ship in the USA).

To qualify, you also need to have an active social media presence and new weekly content with an audience that is engaged.  

Any of these social media outlets qualify:  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, personal website blog, or YouTube Channel.

Collaborate with ELAW!  Email us at to find out about our future campaigns!

Please like our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter communities so you are the first to know about our promotions and giveaways.

We know you love our bars and shakes.  Help us bring awareness while sharing our delicious, plant-based yummy products.

And to show our appreciation for spreading the word about Eat Like a Woman, you will receive:

1.  Nutrition Bar sampler

2.  Life Stage Shake for your demographic (Reproductive Years, Pregnancy/Lactation, and Menopause & Beyond)

3.  A copy of the best selling book, EAT LIKE A WOMAN

4. Join a select group to taste test new upcoming products

5. We will provide fun ideas, recipes, and giveaways to support your posting efforts.

How do you qualify:

1.  A 500+ word blog post or 15 second video

2. Social media posts on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

3. Use provided hashtags like #EatLikeAWoman #DifferencesMatter #GirlPower

4.  Host a giveaway of ELAW products that we will provide

5.  Follow EatLikeAWoman on social media accounts

6. Consistent weekly posting, blogs or videos will receive additional free products